We present you with a service in which we will take care of employment, settlement of taxes and payment of your employees in Sweden.

What is EOR service?

EOR or Employee of Record, is about authorizing an external organization to officially employ your employees in the territory of another county. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to build a legal structure in the new market. Use of the service as part of a monthly subscription includes:
  • legal employment of employees;
  • administrative activities;
  • payroll management;
  • tax settlement;
  • providing employees with social benefits such as insurance.
The direct reduction of costs and time spent on HR and payroll is a major advantage for many multinational companies, which is why they often opt for an EOR service that also reduces the risk of operating in the local market. The EOR unit Is responsible for the legal side of employment, immigration and payroll, but does not perform an administrative function in relation to the employee’s position. This makes employment under the EOR model profitable for your company from a strategic, financial and operational point of view. This is especially true in the early stages of your company’s expansion into a new market.

Expanding into new markets requires three key factors: time, cost and knowledge. With the complexity of legal structures at global, regional and local levels, working with Uniqorm helps you break down the barriers to global expansion, ensuring successful revenue growth.

Uniqorm takes care of tax, compliance with regulations and benefits administration. With us, HR and payroll issues will no longer hinder your business growth.

We are trusted:
With our help, creating a new team abroad is much easier – let’s do it together.

Our infrastructure of a global company and professional knowledge are the features that guarantee easy and fast employment of employees and settlement with one-man companies cooperating on a B2B basis in Sweden. Our offer benefits you and your employees, who can be paid in the local currency, receive health care, pension insurance and other benefits. With us, HR and payroll matters mean:
  • more time for you;
  • lower costs;
  • less risk.

We are the market leader in EOR services in Sweden

EOR in a nutshell

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Do you want to expand your business into a new market? If you want to minimize your business risk, trust us and set up your staff in Sweden without setting up a company there. Reduce costs and save time to make your expansion into a foreign market even more successful.

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